Family Law Advocacy Service

Chimo's new Family Law Advocacy service is provided by professional staff to eligible low-income clients. Services include a range of legal advocacy and assistance relating to family law, including child protection, as well as some support in other overlapping matters.

To speak to a Family Law Advocate, please call 604-279-7077.

Topics covered:

- Guardianship and Parenting Time       
- Parental Responsibilities
- Child Support 
- Spousal Support
- Divorce
- Assistance with Separation Agreements
- Protection Orders
- Family Maintenance Enforcement Program (FMEP)
- Mobility / Relocation
- Property & Debt Matters (up to $20,000)
- Matrimonial Property on Reserves
- Child Protection

Levels of Services Provided:

Information, Education, and Capacity Building
Clients will receive legal information in one-on-one private meetings regarding their family law issues. They will also be able to attend public legal information sessions facilitated by program staff.

Triage and Referral
Clients will be interviewed to identify legal issues, prioritize needs, and receive assistance in determining fair and realistic legal solutions through access to information, advocacy, referrals, and legal advice by pro bono lawyers.

Clients will be assisted in the decision making process with consideration given to their specific needs, backgrounds, and barriers.

Summary Advice
Clients will be supported in accessing summary advice by a lawyer. Staff will help clients prepare summaries and briefs prior to meetings with duty counsels and pro bono lawyers. Staff may also accompany clients to court and other community legal support services to assist in navigation.

Where relationship violence is involved, clients will also receive help with safety-planning, crisis intervention, and referral to appropriate resources.

Dispute Resolution
Clients will receive information on consensual dispute resoluton (CDR) options that may be available to them in the family justice system. Staff will assess each case and provide referrals where appropriate.

Representation Services
In some cases, clients may receive additional assistance from the family law advocate, such as:

- Document Preparation
- Court Forms Completion
- Corresponding with Other Parties
- Accompaniment to Court

Please note the above services are provided under legal supervision and may be subject to limitations. The Family Law Advocacy Service does not provide legal representation to clients in court hearings.