Newcomers Settlement

Our professional settlement workers are able to assist Permanent Residents and other eligible newcomer clients with various settlement-related needs through the Newcomer Settlement ​program. Please see below for examples of services that we can provide.

Permanent Residency and Citizenship Applications

Renewal of Permanent Resident (PR) cards | Citizenship Applications | Application/renewal of other travel documents

Employment Search / Planning

Assistance with resume writing | Learning Interview Skills | Application of Employment Insurance and other related benefits


Landlord / Tenant Relations | Navigating Housing Options in BC | Rental Subsidies


Income Assistance | Canada Pension Plan | Income Tax Referrals and Information | Worker's Compensation Benefits | Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits | Persons with Disabilities Benefit | Transit Supplements


BC Services Card Application | Medical Services Plan (MSP) and Premium Assistance Applications | Fair Pharmacare Application

Senior Services

Application for Assisted Living / Senior Housing | Senior Rental Supplements

Children Services

Application for Child Care Benefits | Government Child Subsidies and Benefits | Enrollment Applications

Family Services

Assistance and Referrals for Family Counselling | Resolving Issues | Referrals for Family Law Matters

Domestic Violence Awareness

Information and Referrals for Resources on Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention | In-House Referrals for Safety Planning and Obtaining Protection Orders

English Learning

English Learning Workshops and Conversation Circles for Adults and Seniors

Income Tax Services

In-House Referrals to Income Tax Preparation Services for Low-Income Families

Accompaniment Services

Accompany eligible clients to appointments such as government offices, community organizations, and other locations where settlement worker support is needed

Our Service Model

Individual Service

Chimo's settlement workers will meet with client in private rooms and will maintain the same level of confidentiality that applies to all of our services. We adopt a client-centred service approach and will provide service appointments to clients without limits on duration or frequency. We strive to ensure that our door is always open to those who need help.

If you wish to meet with one of our settlement workers, please visit us directly or call us at 604-279-7077.

Workshops and Group Activities

A variety of workshops and group activities are also available to eligible clients through Chimo's settlement program. Activities range from classroom-based educational lessons to activities designed to familiarize clients with their surrounding communities, such as field trips.

If you'd like to receive more information regarding our upcoming activities and events, please visit our Events page or contact us directly for up-to-date information.

All services are provided free of charge!


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Our Settlement Workers also provide services at many locations in the community, such as Community Centres, Libraries, Food Banks, and more

Call today to find out if there is a Settlement Worker available near you!